Tents for car trailers with opening front and rear will perfectly protect your cargo from rain, wind, sun or other adverse factors when transporting.

We manufacture various colours and sizes tents that adapt your trailer.

We can put an advertisement on the new tent to make you even more visible. Tents for advertising are on the most effective forms.

Tents for trailers are made with hooks, lugs, expanders or customs cables.

Tents for Trailers


We work with the German ‘’Verseidag Coating & Composite’’ material. It is a high-quality, durable and strong PVC tent with all the necessary certificates.

‘’Verseidag’’ pays a lot of attention to the production of tents. These tents are perfect for covering trailers, semi-trailers and various other covers.

The production of PVC tents has helped ‘’Verseidag Coating & Composite’’ to achieve its goals and become a market leader. Our customers remain very satisfied because the tents are durable, strong, they do not absorb dirt, which makes the tents even easier to clean and maintain.

Tents are mostly used for commercial vehicles: semi-trailers, trailers, as well as car trailers and other covers of various kinds.

Tents for Trailers