Various types of tents are made for:

  • Sun and rain protection
  • Caravans
  • Roofs
  • Terraces and gazebos
  • Car washes
  • Sandboxes
  • Room partition
  • Entrance curtains
  • Garage, warehouse gates and shutters
  • Cars of various sizes
  • Trucks, trailers, semi-trailers
  • Various agricultural machinery
  • Ships, yachts, boats
  • Bulk cargo to cover grains, fertilisers
  • Other machinery

Tents of various sizes and shapes are manufactured according to individual orders of companies or private customers. We can also produce tents in a very large, non-standard format. All tents are manufactured quickly with a strong focus on quality and detail.

We produce tents for agro-enterprises and farmers to cover fertilisers, grains and other products – this is a great way to protect products from rain or sun.

We provide tent repairs, extensions, elevation services.

Coverings and curtains are made of clear and coloured PVC material. Fastening methods and other technical details are combined and selected according to the customer’s needs. The methods of joining the material are used in production – stitching, laminating, soldering using hot air and high frequency.

These tents and covers can also become a great way for free and, most importantly, mobile advertising.

Do you need tents for other technique? Our experts will consult and find the best solution for you!