We quickly and qualitatively repair tent products: trailer tents; tents for lorries; truck tents; hangars; shelters; gazebos or terrace tents; partitions; coverings; roofs; gates; other constructions; sports equipment; swimming pools; boat tents, etc.

The repair of each product is subject to a professional assessment of the problem and measures to eliminate the damage are provided – sewing, gluing, soldering, riveting or other special and reliable repair technologies.

We use only high-quality materials in the process. We repair tents with hot air hair dryers and Leister soldering devices. We use a high-quality ‘’Versidag’’ tent made in Germany.

When repairing vehicle tents, patching of awning holes is performed – with and without customs tape. Soldering with a customs strip on tent meeting TIR requirements. Replacement of customs cables, preparation of a semi-trailer for customs.