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    Our company produces high-quality tents for various purposes which are used to cover and protect objects from rain, sun, snow, dust and more. The edges of the covers are reinforced with double fabric, aluminum loops are attached around the entire perimeter to secure the sheet.

    Production of PVC tents in Kaunas:


    PVC tentų gamyba Kaune – Remontuojame įvairius tentus automobiliams, priekaboms, vilkikų puspriekabėms, žemės ūkiui, palapinėms, paviljonams, pramonei, angarams…

    We use ‘’Verseidag Coating & Composite’’ tents. The production of tent material for companies in the transport sector has helped ‘’Verseidag Coating & Composite’’ to achieve its goals. Our customers are very satisfied because the tents are certified, especially resistant to weather, durable, do not absorb dirt, are easy to clean and maintain, resistant to UV rays, durable, do not change their physical characteristics from -30° to + 70°. We work with a large colour range. All parts of the tent that come into contact with metal or other structures are additionally reinforced with an additional layer of tent to protect those areas from wear.

    The tent is a polyester thread-reinforced, high-quality, very durable PVC tent material coated on both sides with acrylic varnish, the varnish protects the tent from water leakage, mould and UV rays, thanks to which the tent does not fade for a long time, does not lose its properties and retains its colour.

    Our company employs professionals with long experience in their field. We are constantly working, learning, trying to improve technologically as quickly as possible to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. We produce according to individual orders.