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    Užklausos forma


    Skaidraus-tento-profiliukas-tentukas 1.1Aluminium profile at the top which attaches the terrace.

    Pasukama-skaidraus-terasos-tento-kilpa-tentukas 1.2Gold rings on the sides fit the rotating lug.

    skaidrus tentas pavesinei 1.3By rolling up the tent, you can fasten it with straps which rivet at the top of the tent.

    Skaidriu pavesines tentu vamzdelis itempimui 1.4We install a round tube used for rolling up the tent inside the pocket which is specially made at the bottom of the tent.

    1.5Special rubber is used for stretching the tent from the bottom. Pass it around the tube and hang it on the (1.6) hook.

    Skaidrūs-permatomi-tentai 1.6The hook is being installed to the wooden – metal lower part of the terrace.


    Užklausos forma

    Užklausos forma


    Užklausos forma